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An adventurous way to explore Nepal is on a mountain bike. Enjoy watching the changing landscapes and majestic nature of Nepal o your bike. Biking is the ultimate way to explore Kathmandu valley, and this beginner’s ride will bring you through villages and farm around the city. The ancient Tolkha temple and serene settlement are some of the highlight of this short and exhilarating adventure. 


Immediately after your arrival to Kathmandu airport you will be transferred to your hotel. Once you have settled in and relaxed after your long journey to this charming city, you will have the rest of the day for yourself. You can explore the bustling streets of this busy city. Overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

Today you will have the whole day to explore Kathmandu city. You will be visiting the UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Boudhanath Temple, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath and more. After noon you can explore the Durbar Square, Patan and Bhaktapur on foot, on cycles or a trishaw. Enjoy this beautiful and enchanting city which is chaotic but also exuberant harmony. Overnight stay at hotel in Kathmandu. 

Today you will bike away from the hustle and bustle of the Kathmandu city. It is an easy climb up and then as you ride downhill you will whiz past Nepali villages and farms. There will be single tracks where your skills will be tested and a little challenging. Once you bike to Tolkha you can visit the ancient temple here. You will stop for lunch and then return to Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

You drive to Pokhara today. You will get to enjoy an amazing ride with exciting scenery all along. Rivers and valleys rocky gorges and pattered rice terraces are some scenes you will come upon. When you arrive Pokhara you will check in to a hotel and then you can take a stroll around, or enjoy boating on Phewa Lake and view the refections of some peaks surrounding Pokhara on the clear lake. Overnight hotel in Pokhara.  

Today you will explore Pokhara valley once again with a bike ride through Kristi Village. You will ride past authentic Nepali villages and the Orange garden, literally named so because of its vast orange production per annum. This journey will offer you with amazing views of the Himalayas and the thrill of a cross country ride. Return to Pokhara and overnight stay at a hotel. 

Enjoy a picturesque ride back to Kathmandu. The rest of the day is at your leisure, you can explore the city one last time on this trip.

Depart from Kathmandu International airport to your destination.




What should I bring

What you should bring depends upon the type of tour you choose. For 1-3 days trip booked with an agency will usually have all the gears provided. There are no real biking shops or outfitters in Nepal. These places may be able to help you with parts and tune-ups, but supplies will be limited. For longer trips, we suggest you bring your own gears that you use in your own country. This would avoid hassle of getting spare parts and make your trip more pleasant.

Transporting your own bicycle

You may bring your own bicycle to Nepal. At times shipping any expensive item into any Asian country can be challenging – you may figure it out how you would do it and if your consignment reaches on time here. Customs officials at the airport may ask you for import duties. You can simply avoid by explaining that you are a tourist and the bike will leave the country with you. They may give you a receipt to include in your passport to make sure you do not sell your bike in the country.

Renting bikes in Kathmandu

Most of the bicycles that you get for rental in Nepal are of low-quality – Indian and Chinese mountain bikes, which are not suitable for rigorous trail or off-road biking. Some good operators rent high-quality front-shock, 18-gear mountain bikes made by Giant or Trek. Any decent rental shop in Kathmandu will provide you helmet, lock and basic repair kit. 

It is essential to bring tools and spare parts if you bring your own bicycle, as these are unavailable outside of Kathmandu. Established mountain-bike tour operators will have mechanics and a full range of bicycle tools at their offices.


Tight-fitting lycra bicycle clothing might be good and convenient but such clothing is embarrassing to locals as they maintain a very modest approach to dressing. You may overcome this by wearing comfortable shorts and a T-shirt over your bicycle gear. This may be specifically applicable to female cyclists, as Nepalese women in general dress conservatively.


Biking trails are often through places where locals go about their daily work. A small bell attached to your handlebars used as warnings to signal your approach. While you see a crowd or people or narrow road, you can reduce your speed and make a friendly call to go away as the cycle is coming. If you are biking on semi-busy motor road, you will have to wear your helmets as in Kathmandu you find some reckless drivers.

Remote children love the sight of the bicycles, fancy helmets, the strange clothing you wear and will come running to you from all directions. They also love to grab hold of the back of your bicycle and run with you — need to maintain a watchful eye to avoid accidents.