Privacy policy

We respect your privacy

Oasis Nepal Travel requires certain personal information (mandatory and optional) from our clients in order to provide service which are streamlined to your needs. This will ensure an incredible and smooth travel experience for you. We promise to protect such information and guarantee that it is confidential. Documents we require from you are to fulfill visas processes, route permits, special permits and to gain access to other restricted places in Nepal.

The personal information we ask for and how we use or disclose it

We collect documents for your personal identification for us to provide quality services. The information asked for includes:

  • Your name, address, gender, date of birth, email address, contact number and postal code
  • A copy of your passport, travel insurance policy, medical and dietary information
  • Personal preferences
  • Information you provide on our surveys.

Our clients can send us this information in an email, social media, a third party (travel agent) or over the phone. 

We may use the information you supplied to register you for events, provide trip information to you online or by post, send trip details, documents or to book domestic flights and other tour services. We will also use your information to share and recommend products that may be of your interest. 

We do not sell or trade your personal information. We only share this information to complete your booking, and will do so after you are informed and you grant us permission.

You have full rights to ask us not to disclose or use your personal information and request its removal from our record. 

Passport and Flight Information

We ask for your flight information in order to help us book your flights to Nepal or other connecting flights to ensure a smooth journey. If you opt to book flights to Nepal yourself we require this information for airport pick-up and drop-off services. When booking domestic flights we require a copy of your passport (refer Personal Information policy above). 

Dietary Requirements

We request our clients to share any dietary restrictions they may have so we are prepared to accommodate our guests throughout the trip. This allows us to operate the trip safely and smoothly. Your dietary preferences and restrictions will be recorded in our booking files which will then be shared to Oasis Nepal Travel guides and partner service providers who work closely with us. The service providers such as restaurants and hotels will then be well-informed to ensure these requirements are met, and our clients satisfied.

Physical and Health Details

Your physical wellbeing throughout the trip is our biggest priority. Hence we request information like your age, gender height, general health and other needs. Especially while trekking, we need this information in our records to provide you with appropriate equipment and training for your trekking guide. 

Our commitment to you

We understand the gravity of your privacy and realize the importance of maintaining full confidentiality. We will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless we are required to do so by law. 

Handling Complaints

If you disagree in regards to the way we handle your personal information, and believe that your privacy has been compromised, you have the full right to file a complaint by sending a letter to Oasis Nepal Travel or an email. We will then reach back to you within 30 days. We will take appropriate measures and discuss with you to reach a mutual resolution. 

Right for changes in our Privacy policy

The most recent version of the Privacy Policy published on our site will determine how we use your personal information. We may occasionally make a few alterations to this policy to meet our customer’s feedback and other factors. Oasis Nepal Travel reserves the full right to do so without prior notice. Thus, we encourage you to review the policy periodically and stay informed on the usage and protection of your privacy. 

Cookie Policy

Oasis Nepal Travel website uses ‘cookies’. Cookies are small data bits stored as text files on your browser which help collect anonymous information such as pages you have viewed on our site, date, time, browser type and IP address from which we can ascertain domain type and geographic location. This allows our site’s features to be user-specific. We use session cookies to support our link to our clients as they browse our site. These cookies are cleared when your browser is closed. Although we don’t, third party services like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc that you access from our site may use persistent cookies for online advertisement. You carry full rights to not accept cookies and may also remove cookies later.  

Card Security

We offer a safe and protected e-commerce environment. Your credit card data is secure as take warranted measures to protect such details. We do not store your card details in any of our servers thus all payments you make will be safe and secure.